25+ Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 6

In this video I will share over 25 tips and tricks for the new iPhone 6. Whether you already own this device or want to get one, you will find these tips, tricks and features of the iPhone 6 very useful.

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50 Comments on “25+ Tips and Tricks for the iPhone 6”

  1. Dude! What a LIVELY and informative video! THANK YOU so much for posting. I'm an iPhone4 owner, who's awaiting his new iPhone6 this Tuesday.

    I'm super glad I'm watching (& will be bookmarking) this video. Blessings! – Brian

  2. I think that perhaps you are using for this demonstration something other than the basic iphone6. The settings on my iPhone6 are not anything like your demo phone!!!

  3. This video is very helpful and I have a question…
    That is, can we hide photos, videos and another files etc in that model without using an another party apps?

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