50 Comments on “Battery Saving Tips for the iPhone 3GS”

  1. I just got this a week ago o: Some good tips are to lower the brightness, turn off the Wi-Fi when you're NOT using it, same goes for Bluetooth. Also, try charging the battery fully then running it down just like what TechnoBuffalo said, but do it once a month or two to help re-calibrate the battery. You can also try disabling Location Services, but unless you need it, then don't. Also, disable 3G unless you need it. I always use Wi-Fi, which is way faster, so I don't need it.

  2. Get Battery Doctor PRO app, it gave me very useful tips and tells you how to charge your phone properly, my iPhone lasts at 100% battery for about more than 20 min, if im not streaming or playing 3D games of course lol

  3. @krisjhon1 did you buy it brand new or second hand? because it seems to me that that battery has been handled very badly, maybe over heated by being left on a heater or left out wen it was cold. or most likely it was kept on charger for a very very long time which also causes it to heat up

  4. @dragracer772 Plus, if you are in a area with weak 3G coverage, its best to use Edge.

    Edge will save you guys much more battery and if you are in a Edge covered area, which everyone should be, you'll have more bars, the internet may be a little bit slower, and your battery life will last longer.

    With my 3G on, I would go from 100% to 90% in about 5 minutes with 3G with constant internet usage.
    With my Edge turned on, and 3G off, I would go from 100% to 90% in about 40 minutes.

  5. hi..wen u said charge the phone to 12hours, did u mean by turning it off or just by plugging it to the wall in ON condition. in off condition i dont see any charging notification after 100% completion. so is it just ok to leave it like that ? plz help..
    iam planning to do it now.

  6. Turn off your bluetooth. Turn on airplane mode when you're just playing games or if you know you're somewhere there is no service (in a lot of my classes I never get service so turning on airplane mode keeps the phone from continually searching for service). You can turn your wifi back on after you switch of airplane mode if you need to. This is obvious, but bring your headphones with you, you run down the battery a lot by playing music/videos through the external speaker

  7. @meRusselL7
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