Be careful with iOS 13 beta

Here are some known issues with iOS 13 beta 2 that may make you reconsider installing the public beta.

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34 Comments on “Be careful with iOS 13 beta”

  1. I had a iPhone. Then decided to try a Google Pixel 3 for week. And in that week, I remembered why I ABSOLUTELY HATE android so much.

    I switched back to an iPhone. Ran the iOS 13 beta and I feel like I’m using an android again. It freezes. Apps crash. It’s harder to navigate and do basic tasks line get to widgets and copy and paste text. This beta is by far the worst I have seen or tested.

  2. iOS 13 is terrible in the beta version at the moment.

    YouTube will not play playlists correctly. YouTube is running shitty.

    My volume won’t work without hitting my silence button.

    My phone keeps freezing. I have to try and shut it off. But then it simply dims my screen. Then freezes. Shuts off, brings up my credit card for Apple Pay, then I swipe, swipe again, and it MIGHT unlock.

    iOS 13 is also pretty shitty. It’s much harder to save bookmarks and copy text. You have to scroll farther in order to use this new iOS.

    I feel like I’m using an android with how garbage this update will be.

  3. I have ios 13 beta 2 on my iphone se and everything crashes
    Lag 👌🏻
    Wifi problems 👌🏻
    YouTube problems 👌
    Slow boot 👌🏻
    Phone call glitches 👌🏻
    Black screen on YouTube Video (actually this video to me rn is just a black screen) 👌🏻

    Nice iOS 13 Apple now i want to kill my self…

  4. Who’s has youtube error with streaming on tv? Allways when I connect my tv with youtube app, play a song when I go to another app and then I get back is disconnected? And some many another bugs… I hate it, immposible do downgrade back to 12?

  5. On my ip7 instragram crash . facebook crash . don't work . . like big app when i'm using iphone 4 -_-, dude that application just 250 mb and that's auto close . fck. Ram usage when i check in battery saver ram usage is 98% available ram just 30 mb . and killing battery so fast . 100% to 30 ℅ just 2 hours . oh man damn , fck iOS 13 beta. I hate u. My iphone always overheat when 20minutes i'm used.fck fck fck

  6. I have a 2018 iPad Pro
    I’m deciding to upgrade but there bugs
    Some people say there’s no bugs
    Some say there are minor bugs
    And some say there are a lot of bugs

    I don’t know if I should upgrade it’s my main iPad but I have another one

  7. It started off great when the public beta came out.
    Then everything went downhill a week later.
    Battery drains really fast, phone heats up even though the phone isn’t being used, Apps crash and freeze and slow down your phone.
    I am on XS Max and I am experiencing these problems.

  8. I have ios 13 on two iphone ses. randomly one phone will not make or receive calls, it just forwards me to my carrier’s (xfinity) contact center. the other phone will make and receive calls just fine. I’m still trying to reset and restore my phone until calls work, maybe I have to wait for the final version of ios 13 for calls to work /:

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