Cool iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Tips & Tricks You Will Use – How To Use The iPhone

The most useful iPhone 6 and 6 Plus tips and tricks you will actually use. This is how to use your iPhone to it’s full extent. If you have any iPhone tips or tricks that you use, leave them in the comments for everyone.

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Tips, Tricks and Tutorials Series

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50 Comments on “Cool iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Tips & Tricks You Will Use – How To Use The iPhone”

  1. I have 6S tethered to my macbook pro. Wifi cams ethernet to wifi router on PC w/urls. Cam viewer 2 app on macbook pro was streaming cams in app on macbook yesterday using their urls. Macbook pro is getting internet via iphone. Ipcam viewer 2 app says disconnected on macbook now. ie: Cams use ip addresses and P2P addresses model name ID with cam apps in iphone tho now says cams offline in the manufactures P2P app. on iphone. I have no internet on the PC but the PC's P2P app is showing and recording video to a file 24/7 to the PC backup drive. The cams are connected to the ethernet switch via the wifi router that has no internet and is not connecting via wifi to the tethered macbook pro or iphone. How can I pick up the ((wifi signal off the router with the iphone)) and make the manufacturers apps in the iphone for their specific P2P cams show online again on the iphone?

  2. Hey Dan. Can you please make a video about Icloud and Apple ID and what's the difference between them. A phone store connected my Iphone to their Apple ID and they changed their password and now I cannot log in back. Is there anyway I can make my own Apple ID?

  3. Everytime you change the settings you have to go back to the home screen and click on the app you were using? Isn´t there like a task manager option with all the stuff that you have opened? Isn´t there an easier way to switch between apps?

  4. I'd like to do the Imessaging as well as calling with my daughter's iphone. We are both international. I tried sending a message and it came up as not delivered. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  5. DHTV – Dan , Dude my iPhone 6 plus running ios 9.3.5 is it Safe to Update on ios 10? i mean i've heard some" bugs and lags".. is the apple already fix it?? coz if not i will stay here on ios 9.3.5 ..

  6. Um just saying u don't have to go through so much trouble to have Siri call u by ur names u can just say "hey Siri from now on call me ( whatever ur name is)" just letting u guys know😀😀

  7. On my iPhone 6 it wont let me get youtube im typing on my moms phone. Then under general in settings it says System update or sum. Will that give me youtube if i install the new version?

  8. thanks so much for the good video. Well prepared and good audio. Really appreciate that you don't repeat yourself three (or so) times, no "ah….ah…ah…" and concise.

    Can you tell me if there is a way to close all apps running in the background at once. It's quite troublesome to double tab the home page and then swipe each app up.

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