Did Apple Just Cancel The iPhone X?

The iPhone X is the latest Apple flagship device. Some speculation has emerged regarding it’s continued existence. Apparently, the iPhone X could be replaced by larger options said to be more appealing to certain markets. If the current generation iPhone X is halted it would mark the first time since iPhone 5C that an iPhone model was terminated after one generation.

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  1. Iam the real winner here I bought a 500$ iPhone X that had been dropped by an engineer of a construction site bought a replacement frame for 59 bucks and it works like a charm it was a risk that I don’t regret now I use it as my second phone next to my note 9 that I just got recently and if iam honest with no biased opinions even though I spent more money on the note 9 I like the iPhone X more idk why but I feel like the interface the ui is simply more user friendly idk why anything else is the same except for the headphone jack I really hate having my phone plugged into my power bank and not being able to listen to music unlike my note 9 durability wise this thing is a beast the note 9 is also durable but the screen on the note 9 can be scratched with a feather even though they both use gorilla glass 5

  2. Just saying!
    I work selling phone for Telus and the iphone X is impossible to get in anything else than 64gb…but… even the 64gb is next to impossible to get! Sometimes we have to fill forms to prove it has been sold. with that being said, we can't order anything 256gb from iphone 8 and older. Even the iphone 8 plus 64gb are Extremly hard to get (30 days wait and up).

    I don't know what apple is doing but before the Xs Xs MAX and Xr came out, we never had any of these problems.

    It just happened couples days before the launch.

    Also, thanks for your videos! I learn a lot about Asian phones that we don't offer a Telus because of you and I am sure that I am not the only Rep you helped out 😉

  3. Personally, I'm gravitating away from the big brand phones. I'm tired of my phone bill being huge because of me agreeing to pay $600 for a phone bomber a period of two years. And Lewis Hilsenteger opened my eyes on how to do just that. My next phone is going to be one of the following brands: Umidigi, VKWORLD or Bluu.

  4. Apple thinks we r stupid cuz they want to sell their stupid X r with a 720p display and so they knew that ppl would rather buy the iPhone X with an oled and a gen older cpu which is till faster than all android competition. Apple is just money hungry hit like who thinks am correct.

  5. the real reason why they discontinued it is because apple's philosophy is when a new device comes out the previous generation gets a $100 discount , but they will lose money because of that so the iphone 10 had to be axed

  6. I think they’ll cancel the production of iPhone X because there is another iPhone model releasing with more modified specs so that’s will lead them to this thought that people would not buy the iPhone X. That’s why what I think is that the production will not be continued.

  7. I also heard that Apple doesn't want to lower the X price. Since X is not much different to the Xs, ppl tend to reach for it because it's supposed to be cheaper this year. This would be a big disadvantage for Apple, they wanted to push the sale knowing the X was a failure in term of pricing for the customers.

  8. I just don’t like it. It’s small. It looks like Apple is going backwards. I
    Do however really enjoy my IPHONE 8 Plus. ❤️
    My 6 distrusted kinda like Mission Impossible without the Smoke. But Hey I used it for everything else, hard for 4 years. Occasionally I made calls. These are my personal assistants. So I don’t like the Notch. I am not thrilled I have to buy a new set of over the Ear $300. Head Phons to get the quality of the $199.00 ones I Already have that use the Jack. And I also used the Jack for my portable Boom Box by Altec to the Hospital to sing and cheer up kids and elders. Now no audio jack on the IPhone 8 Plus
    Not happy about that. So if Apple drops the Plus Size that Zooms.
    Well Then I will need to go shopping next time for a big device with features and only with the Audio Jack absolutely.

  9. I hope they keep the Plus series with anything they make number 1 we use it as a personal assistant like GPS.

    # 2 We the faithful with Apple Car Play in our Cars won’t pay over $900 something. It’s the Principle of the thing when there is so much else out there.
    My two cents! 😊

  10. xiaomi mi mix 2s (i bought the mi mix 2s) is my perfect screen size. had the note 4 galaxy and was awesome but the mi mix is same size pretty much just better ratio… note 4 gets bulky with a rugged case….

    oh and fk anything to do with apple… was never on my list anyway lol 😉

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