How to know if a USB device will work in iOS? (Class Compliant)

How do you tell if a USB device is going to work with your iPhone or iPad? The key is knowing if it is “class compliant”.

In this video, I tell you everything you need to know about class compliant audio interfaces, microphone and other USB devices, and how you can know which ones will work for you.

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  2. Hi Pete! I have a question (off topic) : I am currently using an iPhone 6s 64GB. I’m planning to replace within the next coming months. My question is: what can you recommend for a more recent iPhone? The only preference what’s most important is that it has at least double the amount of storage from what I use now. Thanks 🙏 in advance my friend!

  3. Hello, I record my vocals in ios and then bring the stems onto the Windows PC for further mixing and Mastering. Now I have no need to further record, do I Need to use a audio interface or can I use a Headphone D/A or a mixer? I really have been having problems with ASIO4all with irig Keys I/O…which is great for IOS just buggy with this ASIO4All just for simple mixing and Mastering on PC..Thanks again Pete

  4. Ah! I finally get what “class compliant” means now. I was always like “which class?” when I heard it lol

    Wacom Tablets for example are NOT class compliant, as it needs special drivers installed to work on a Mac.

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