iPhone X Clone VS Note 8 Clone!

iPhone X VS Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Clones – Design, Display, Camera, Specs, Features, Price & Everything You Need to Know!

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50 Comments on “iPhone X Clone VS Note 8 Clone!”

  1. Sup guys?

    The iPhone 8 & the Note 8 are even out yet – YET we do have some clones straight out of China!

    Which one would you pick and why?

    Also – hope you all got your 🍿ready!

  2. so freaking funny, hey man I really love it when you say people should grab some corn, oh my god I almost spit out my water when you said it that time. I think you should start out all of your videos telling people to grab some corn. LOL so freaking funny man.

  3. The most annoying part of the Note 8 Clone is that the fingerprint scanner is in the wrong place! It's opposite of where it's supposed to be.

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