iPhone X – TOP 25 Tips & Tricks You NEED to KNOW!

iPhone X – 25 Hidden Secrets / Tips & Tricks You NEED to KNOW!
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50 Comments on “iPhone X – TOP 25 Tips & Tricks You NEED to KNOW!”

  1. Nice, richtig vid und tolle infos! 🙂 vielleicht einmal beim Channel von Roland Leonardo vorbei, cooler typ und hat auch gute videos zum Thema Social Media und Marketing.

  2. QR codes always worked with just the normal camera even on the iPhone 5s…. 🤷‍♂️ Cus I use just the normal camera and scan the QR code and it works…

  3. Does iPhone unlock when you are underwater like swimming pool? or maybe if you draw your face on 3D sketch on a sketch pad? Does it unlock your phone on both? If this happen it will easy to unlocked by another person.

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