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Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about how the iPhone X and how its hindering sales on the iPhone 8. Then we talk about the Huawei Mate 10 and how the company claims to bring real AI to the platform. Then we talk about Huawei again, this time because of the trademark of Huawei Pay. Samsung follows as the company has offered a way to disable the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy…

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  1. I ordered the 8plus cause I’m expecting delays on the 10 due to limited production (Q1/2018) and don’t trust facial recognition will work as well as advertised. I feel there will probably be issues with it and an update will have to go out to everyone (like watch series 3 lte issues 🙄).

  2. Thats ppl’s problem now they don’t understand that it’s not important to have the new new hotness it only important that your phone works appropriately buying an iPhone 8 is good for those whom never bought a 7 or 6s model if you don’t have the X money don’t stress over it we the consumer make all these companies rich.
    It’s funny that if we don’t buy there products they listen to what we say and want but if we do buy everything they sell they look @ the consumer as if we will buy anything as long as it new.
    Now I have an iPhone and apple is really behind on a lot Samsung is ahead oh apple I will not by an android device for the life of me I’m true apple but I will not buy that X because it mean they can make the next phone even higher and us as the consumer will buy it like a dummy so I don’t have a problem with buying an 8 cause I skipped the last 2 phones so the 8 is alright with me @ the end of the day😌

  3. Guys stop fighting it's just a phone, who cares, or is Apple giving any of you Isheep people money?, I laughed at the event, when they said, ohhhhh facial recognition wowwww, wireless charging wowwwww, 2k display wowwwwww, things we already know about 4 years ago? ohhh by the way it has fast charge wowwww but you have to buy their own charger that cost another 80 dollars on top of the $1100 that you have to spend. For me money is not a problem but my problem is innovation. Benchmarks are not everything, and to finalize this, Iphone is for dummies and android is for tech people. End of story

  4. Bixby is great. I just don't like the dedicated button for it, like just implement it somewhere in the software. Or at least allow the button to be customized if you really want to add it. Or add more features to that button to justify its existence.

    And I agree, Samsung Pay is the best one.

  5. "Pretty much getting the same phone..in addition to certain features". The same could be said of most phones on the market? They are all pretty close, which is why the smallest design changes are so focused on. For me, the tweaks to the software experience are where the real fun is realized.

  6. I'm picking up the 8 plus on friday because I can't wait any longer to finally switch back to apple. I'm not opting for the X because I actually prefer touch ID plus.. SHOCKING, but I like bezels…

  7. I'm glad the iPhone isn't selling so they realize they can't keep recycling the same design for so long. I also hope the X doesn't sell so that they lower that damn price. There's nothing truly new on the X to justify the price

  8. If you are already paying $800-$900 might as well go all the way and pay $1k. That's just how I see it lol. Either way I'm using the OnePlus 5 and I'm happy for the price and performance I'm getting

  9. the iphone is soo behind !!!! why apple cant get a 1440p screen its not overkill samsung is better and they took over ..if you really know how to use a galaxy and know everything it could do its a lot better than what apple is coming out with….that AR shit is pretty much the only thing but google is doing it better !

  10. I am thinking that Apple may have gotten the touch ID thing done for the iPhone X, hardware wise. Software maybe all they need to get it working properly. If this is the case, a software update is all that needs to be done. We will see.

  11. I figure most iPhone users out there , would not want to relearn their phones. Like which will have to be done with the iPhone x. So many want things to to be simple. The only huge thing that I can say is that the A11 chip, is the why to upgrade in the first place.

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