iPhone XR DROP TEST vs Pixel 3 – Which Phone Survives?

Lets drop test the iPhone Xr and the Pixel 3!! Huge thanks to LastPass for sponsoring this video: I noticed that there were quite a few reviewers with a broken Pixel 3. Could it be that The Pixel 3 is too fragile? And cracks easy? The only way to find out is with a drop test. Lets put the Pixel 3 head to head against the iPhone Xr. Apples ‘cheaper’ iPhone. With its…

30 Comments on “iPhone XR DROP TEST vs Pixel 3 – Which Phone Survives?”

  1. Have to admit: I'm impressed and surprised on how well the Pixel 3 did. I was expecting it to be way more fragile. Glad to see Google is building very solid phones.
    Though the iPhone also did really well – very impressed on how long it took until the glass back cracked. I remember some older iPhones being way more fragile at the back. 😊

  2. Drop tests are so unreliable and mainly just for views and monitzation gains. Nothing about this test was controlled, the phones landed different than one another each time. How is it a fair comparison when on the same drop one phone lands face first on the glass, and the other hits the corner first? Such a gimmick!!!

  3. I wish Jerry would do more drop tests. I agree it can be inconsistent, but it's the type of durability I'm most concerned about when I buy a phone and it's hard to find other sources that test it this well.

  4. Let's make it better. There should be only two options :the speed of falling and the angle(or phone side) of touching down. Build a machine which would drop them without rotation in the air. And make it possible to control the speed of falling to simulate the hight (with a chance to vary it)

  5. I think the test would be more scientific if
    1) The area that the phones are dropped on was completely clear. I think one of the phoned flipped onto it's face on top of a small stone.
    2) They were dropped with exactly the same hand motion/height.

    Great to watch though.

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