Items Mentioned
•IPhone Xr
•Screen Protector
•Phone Case
•Pop Socket (not mentione but I bought it )

Camera-IPHONE 7
Editing- Splice

12 Comments on “IPHONE XR UNBOXING”

  1. Hey I was just watching a video and when the video was over and I found u and I said you know what I’m going to watch your video and I watch it and I said it was really good and I will love to win the iPhone XR because I have the iPhone se hope you have a wonderful day bye love u❤️

  2. I really wanna win it for my mom because she loves taking pictures but her phone doesn't have good quality and now its snowing outside and she can't take pics because she takes too many and has no storage left (she has an android) and she has done so much for me and my siblings btw ur eyebrows looking flawless ❤

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