iPhone XR & XS: A Photographer’s Review

In depth iPhone XS vs iPhone XR review & camera test by a professional photographer
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32 Comments on “iPhone XR & XS: A Photographer’s Review”

  1. I agree. I went from an iPhone 7 to a XS, and the difference is very noticeable. I also have a good DSLR (5D IV) and had always looked at the iPhone camera as a low-quality alternative to the DSLR but now they're much closer. In October, just after getting the XS, I had a short holiday in Berlin and couldn't take the DSLR (cabin baggage wright limits). In the end I didn't feel restricted by the XS at all, and I got some shots that have gone into my 'Best of the Year" collection.

    Of course there are times when the DSLR wins – if you need longer focal lengths than 50mm (equiv.) it's the DSLR I pick up. I've also had the weird HDR experience – I was shooting autumn colours with the DSLR and tried an iPhone shot as well, and it just looks strange. But I'm very happy with the XS camera – I think I'll use it a lot more than I used the camera on the 7.

  2. I really enjoy your photographer's review, because that's what I want from a camera. I want it to be good straight out, but having the room to edit it more it's a big plus. I really think that, for day time photography the new iPhones cameras are the best, even better than the Pixel as far as DR goes, but the Pixel 3 wins hands down when the sun goes down, even without the Night Sight it is better in low light. Let's hope to see some improvements in the next iPhones as far as low light, not that they're bad in any way, though.

  3. Good job and great video. A Brit here and recently upgraded to the Xs Max as my last phone was a 2 year old 7+. Didn’t realise the leap forward in the camera technology until I stumbled upon your video as this has not been highlighted in this part of the world. Most of the hype had centred around the new A12 bionic chip. Stonehenge this weekend will be my camera testing ground after watching and now subscribed to your channel. Keep it up please.

  4. You’re honestly killing it with the smartphone camera reviews, Tyler. I could immediately notice significant differences coming from the iPhone X to a XS, which wasn’t easy to explain to my friends since Apple themselves didn’t make a huge deal out of it. Also, I loved the way you ended the video encouraging people to choose their smartphone based on the OS and not solely based on the camera, which a lot of Pixel reviewers fail to mention. Great job, man!👏🏼

  5. I second everything you said. I have an X and mom’s got a XS.. Most of the time we can’t tell the phones apart except for the Gold on her phone. It was only when we started taking pictures that I was blown away at just how good the pictures turned out.. My X looked plain cheap in front of the XS.

  6. This iPhones video is seriously underrated. I have yet to see an Android phone where the video even comes remotely close to iPhone. Yes, the Pixel may take better stills but apps like IG and Snapchat still look night and day better on iPhone. I can tell when someone took their IG or Snapchat story on an Android phone especially in video mode.

  7. Man, I'll say two things.
    1. This was a great video. You go deep into the testing of it, relatively deep into the specs of it, and just have an overall great sense of presentation / quality shooting / quality information.
    2. Just scrolling through the content, you can just really tell you care. You're liking posts, replying to questions, trying to solve issues. It's really refreshing. I'm sure one day (hopefully) you reach the point that maybe you just can't keep up with all of the people viewing your content because you receive the audience you deserve – but keep doing you, man. You seem to be a genuinely approachable person with a knowledge and perspective people are really going to enjoy.

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