Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS Max: Your move, Apple

Galaxy S10 Skins:
Galaxy S10 Plus Skins:
Joshua Vergara looks at the Samsung Galaxy S10+ in comparison to the iPhone XS Max. Does Samsung set the bar, and will Apple be able to meet it with their current offering?



23 Comments on “Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs iPhone XS Max: Your move, Apple”

  1. I don’t believe Apple will be losing customers due to the eco system it just works and if your deep in it will make no sense to leave. As a apple user I must say I’m definitely jealous of the display. But I’ve always felt that Samsung was always full of gimmicks that they always rush to get out a product that’s half baked. For instance the glass breaks easily dropping it from pocket height from a 5’4 individual so gorilla glass is bs , and honesty how many people will be using it to charge another device when for 1 its takes a while to charge another device can we get the numbers on that also the fingerprint scanner is innovative but being the first doesn’t always mean being the best. So on that note the video was good but can we get some honest opinions reviewers that actually spent time with both phones and give an honest take on a day to day life experience.

  2. Wack ass channel! You guys always say Apple doesn't compare to Android but make videos like like this to use Apple's name for views. Trash! You have a bunch of cheaper and better Android phones why not compare it to them? Trash!

  3. Apple say and night reasons why .iMessage there’s nothing like it and never will be it’s so amazing and works flawlessly and can message over WiFi security and connectivity software updates and gestures much better on iphone

  4. The reason why Samsung's video is better but not the auto photo mode is because Samsung uses better hardware, but it's AI for photography is not as advanced as Apple's. Once Samsung works in that it's game over.

  5. I want to love my new s10 plus, but the fingerprint scanner is horrible. It's not consistent at all, so I've had to switch to the "less secure" facial recognition.
    The fingerprint sensor on my V35 was flawless, so this was a disappointment at this price point.

  6. I came from the iPhone 7 plus to the note 9. Apple still gotta try and top the s10 when the the tphone x max couldn't top the note 9. Think about it, the note 10 hasn't even been released yet…

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